2017-10-19 05:15:58
NAB calls for activation of iPhone FM radio feature

Less than a month after U.S. Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai called on Apple to activate FM radio functionality in its iPhone devices, the National Association of Broadcasters on Wednesday issued a similar call to ... »

2017-10-19 05:10:53
iClock Pro 3.8 - Customize your menubar clock.

iClock Pro is a menu-bar replacement for Apple's default clock. iClock Pro is an update, total rewrite, and improvement to the popular iClock. Have the day, date, and time in different fonts and colors in the menubar. iClock is also a kind of ... »

2017-10-19 01:50:00
Apple and GE partner to make industrial analytics

Ars TechnicaApple and GE partner to make industrial analytics iOS-accessibleArs TechnicaGE and Apple announced a partnership today that will pave the way for putting utility analytics software Predix on iOS devices. The Predix software development ... »

2017-10-19 00:06:32
VirtualBox 5.2.0 - x86 virtualization software.

VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, it is also the only professional solution that is ... »

2017-10-18 23:40:00
How to personalize Siri's voice response settings in

There's a good chance that if you own an iPhone or an iPad, you've probably still using Siri's default voice settings -- but as AppleInsider can show, there are a few ways to personalize Siri's sound and functions in iOS 11 [now with ... »

2017-10-18 23:30:53
Cardhop Puts Contacts Front and Center

Contact management is boring, and Apple’s Contacts app is terrible. That’s why the new Cardhop app from Flexibits might catch your fancy — it’s easily accessed, attractive, and quick to use via its natural language parser. Read the ... »