2015-04-19 03:46:31
Porsche to offer Apple CarPlay in future models

In a quiet update to Apple's dedicated CarPlay webpage, legendary German automaker Porsche was added to a rolling list of companies promising support for the iOS-based infotainment system. ... »

2015-04-19 02:00:00
Learn the Basics of Ladder Safety with This Illustrated

Ladders are essential tools, but they can be dangerous. This illustrated guide will guide you through the basics of safely using yours.Read more... ... »

2015-04-19 01:05:13
2 New Surveys Report Different Results for Apple's US

Motley Fool2 New Surveys Report Different Results for Apple's US Mac SalesMotley FoolFor Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) fans, this has been an exciting time. Most significantly, Apple began taking pre-orders for its next iGadget -- the Apple Watch -- on ... »

2015-04-19 01:00:00
Look up Movies, Music, Locations, and More with an OS X

Command+Control+D has always been a handy shortcut for looking up the definition of a word on the Mac, but now in Yosemite you can look up a heck of a lot more, including suggestions from iTunes, the App Store, movie showtimes, and more.Read more... ... »

2015-04-19 00:00:00
Give Up on Unnecessary Projects to Accomplish More

You probably have one major project that’s been on your to-do list for ages. Weeks, or even months, in fact. Here’s a productivity tip that should help: just drop it.Read more... ... »

2015-04-18 23:00:00
Stop Searching for the Barcode to Get Through

The self checkout at the grocery store is amazing, and if you want to speed up your self-scanning game, here’s a tip: Stop looking for the barcode, just swipe it. If you get good at it, you can walk out with a cart of groceries in less time than it ... »