2014-10-01 22:40:00
Briefly: Logitech Type+ keyboard, Corsair Voyager Vega

Logitech announced a new case and keyboard combo for the iPad Air today, the Type+. Like many other Bluetooth keyboards for tablets, the Type+ is powered by an internal battery. In this case, the battery is said to last up to three months on a single ... »

2014-10-01 22:39:00
iOS 8 triggering problems with Bluetooth connections in

iOS 8 is creating problems for people who pair their iPhones with Bluetooth devices, particularly car audio systems, according to complaints. In the case of cars, devices with the firmware may refuse to pair, fail to play audio, or disconnect when a ... »

2014-10-01 22:17:00
Sprint, Verizon take on AT&T 'double data'

AT&T's recent promotional offer to double the data caps on its Mobile Share Value plans seems to have struck a nerve with other carriers. Both Verizon and Sprint have announced their own data-doubling promotions just a few days after AT&T, ... »

2014-10-01 22:14:00
Second round of POS breaches strikes Albertson's,

Supervalu and Albertson's shoppers may be in for another round of personal information theft notifications. The companies said that a second hack took place in late August or early September, with the company finding malicious software on systems ... »

2014-10-01 20:41:48
Apple Fanboys Discover Another iOS 8 Glitch -

Mac RumorsApple Fanboys Discover Another iOS 8 GlitchHuffington PostBut that reportedly hasn't been the case for people who have upgraded to iOS 8 and use iCloud Drive -- a new feature that allows seamless syncing between documents and data on ... »

2014-10-01 20:19:00
Briefly: Extensis Portfolio debuts, new OS X printer

Extensis today announced the new release of its modular digital asset management (DAM) system, Extensis Portfolio. Aiming to provide a more affordable system for companies of all sizes, Extensis Portfolio allows users to holds millions of assets in ... »