2016-07-23 18:58:44
The Apple iOS 10 iPhone Update Will Fix a Lot of the

The Apple iOS 10 iPhone Update Will Fix a Lot of the Device's Biggest AnnoyancesGlamourWe're anxiously holding our breath for Apple's iOS 10 update—and not just for the multitude of super-expressive new features it's going to ... »

2016-07-23 18:19:25
Saturday's Best Deals: Extra 15% off Amazon Warehouse,

A printer you won’t hate, an extra 15% off select Amazon Warehouse deals, and the best DJI drone deal we’ve ever seen lead off Saturday’s best deals.Read more... ... »

2016-07-23 18:00:00
Use This Blend Mode in Photoshop to Perfectly Align

If you’re working on an image in Photoshop that’s cut into numerous sections, sometimes you find yourself needing to carefully align the different layers just by eye. Set one layer to the “difference” blend mode, though, and it’s infinitely ... »

2016-07-23 15:57:06
Hidden Apple Image Data Hints at Design Process -

InverseHidden Apple Image Data Hints at Design ProcessInverseReddit user CrazyKiwiCake spotted on Friday that one of the wallpapers included with the Mac's operating system still has its EXIF data attached, normally used by cameras to identify ... »

2016-07-23 10:28:37
Hacker who targeted celebrity Apple and Google accounts

An Oregon man who earlier this year pleaded guilty to hacking into Apple and Google email accounts, including a number owned by unnamed celebrities, was sentenced to six months in prison this week. ... »

2016-07-23 09:53:45
Apple rumored to launch 'iPhone 7' on week of Sept. 12

According to noted industry blogger Evan Blass, Apple is planning to announce its next-generation iPhone lineup at a special event scheduled for the week of Sept. 12, in line with its usual fall launch cycle. ... »