2017-01-28 02:30:00
Remains of the Day: Windows 10 'Game Mode' Is Now

One of the new features to look forward to in the still work-in-progress Creators Update for Windows 10 is a “Game Mode.” It’s designed to eke out a little more performance when playing games and has just been added to the latest preview build ... »

2017-01-28 02:27:00
Apple's new patent is a hi-tech vaporizer - Macworld

MacworldApple's new patent is a hi-tech vaporizerMacworldAccording to Digital Trends, a design manager left Apple's Mac OS X team in 2012 to create a high-end $330 vaporizer. The idea for this “iPhone of vaporizers” came about during ... »

2017-01-28 02:00:00
Immi Helps Immigrants Determine Their Legal Status,

Immi, a free online program, seeks to educate immigrants, people on visas, and green card holders on their legal status, as well as explain options for staying in or leaving the country. The tool also makes finding help from nonprofit legal experts ... »

2017-01-28 01:30:00
This Raspberry Pi-Powered Magic Mirror Can Be Set Up

We’ve seen a few different magic mirror projects using a Raspberry Pi, but in the newest issue of MagPi they’ve put together what might as well be the definitive magic mirror guide as it’s easily the simplest one to make for yourself.Read ... »

2017-01-28 01:26:51
Deadspin Oh God The Knicks Are Going To Screw This

Deadspin Oh God The Knicks Are Going To Screw This Melo Shit Up So Completely, I Can’t Wait | The Slot What the Hell Is Wrong With Paul Ryan’s Phones? | Gizmodo Everything Trump Fucked Up in Science and Technology This Week | The Root Woman ... »

2017-01-28 01:00:00
Apple Patents a Vaporizer

Apple's product lineup may extend beyond cars and the connected home. A patent filed last year and published January 26 reveals a concept for a vaporizer. From a report on CNN Money, shared by reader JoshTops: The details are a bit hazy -- that is, ... »